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I want to have your children! (Umm, just kidding)

Ok, not really. Aisha, I think you ought to know... I'm a murderer. Ha! I love this song... so fucking awesome. Meanwhile, I have ridded myself of a hinderence. I like to call him T. We all know who that is so I don't need to elaborate.

For some strange reason, I have been having a hankering to go back in time to when I was more innocent than I am today. Maybe because the biggest worry I had then was if I turned in my science project on time. Blah. I can't let this get me down. I have to move on with my life. I can't bum off people forever. Not only that, it would be just stupid.

And I need to call Travis. I still have his Christmas present (even though he doesn't believe in God... does this make sense to you? He got other people presents... I don't know. This is confusing.)!

This is over and done.
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