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I just can't take it anymore

This is what I want to say to you:

If you don't fucking want to me my friend anymore then just fucking say so. Its just mean to behave this way to me when I have done clearly nothing wrong at ALL. I am sorry that I can't be the friend that you brag about your sexual conquests with. I hope you and her are happy and have a long whore-tastic life. Hopefully you will both grow old and talk about how no man would come within 200 feet of you with an engagement ring (and lyke omg! thank goodness because getting married would be aaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeefffffffffffffuuuuullllll) but man did you fuck the shit out of the whole city. I'm sure when you're 80 years old and alone you will have all your sweet memories about what a good run you had before your vagina gave out.

I am sorry that I do not have a revolving door conversation about how much I love sex and how men are evil (yet somehow your world is centered around fucking them?), and how omg no one will hire me even though I put no effort into getting an interview. But its ok sugar, daddy will take care of getting YOU a job. I am sorry that I do not bitch constantly about how "foul" (or is it fowl har har?) everything is. Nor do I brag about how I make people uncomfortable or about how mean I am to everyone. Oh and I guess I should apologize about how guy hit on me at bars and not you. It might be the fact that I don't look like I'll chop their balls off if they come speak to me. I'll give you a hint: that "better than you" vibe that you send off does not help your cause. Sitting in a corner because you think no one is worth your time is not something endearing nor does it help you get laid. With how many times you claim you've been laid I would have thought you would have known this by now.

And here is another hint: Black men are not trophies. Screwing them does not make you a cooler person, nor is it a status symbol. I am also very sure that many would be offended if they heard half the conversations that I have. Also: people get uncomfortable when you brag about how 3 people whom you've fucked in the past 3 months are at the same bar. It is not cute when you laugh maniacally about it. People, believe it or not, are not in awe of how big of a slut you are. In fact, while you were fucking stupid enough to think they are trying to get in your nasty over used panties, they are in fact wondering how on earth someone so dumb is in exsistence. You are not better than anyone. In fact, you are barely better than a dog. A dog screws things indiscriminately, just like you!

I am tired of being treated like a second class friend for these reasons. Sorry I have a steady boyfriend and I don't sleep with random men. I am sorry that my life does not revolve around my next orgasm or constantly talking about food. Guess I am just boring. I am sorry that one day I would like to get married and have kids. Sorry that I can't just yak about you all fucking day. YOU are really not that fucking interesting.

I thought you were my friend and now I don't even know who you are. People have told me eventually you'll mature but I am not going to wait for that. Consider this "friendship" over. I hope you read this and hate me for just as much as I hate you right now. Go fuck yourself. Or better yet maybe you and your new BFF for LYFE should just fuck each other because at this rate, its all you'll have.

You are the dumbest bitch I ever met. Sit on it and rotate you dumb fucking whore and suck my left nut!!! Oh wait at least whores get paid for what they do. You just give it up for a hot meal.
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