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The World Seems So Much Smaller

Blah. I hate writing papers. I think I didn't do so well and I'm driving everyone crazy. As soon as I'm done with the oral report I need to be everyones servant or something to make up for it.

I hate being stressed.

Not to mention Trevor is back in town. i had no idea he would be back so fast. But now I kind of feel bad, because he said the whole time he was trying to call me on my cell (it's broken... FINALLY!!) but obviously he hadn't gotten through and all I've been doing since he's been gone is trying to hook up on a blind date with a guy who's name I don't even know how to spell properly. Vic? Vick? Vicke? Vik? You get the picture. Though I don't think he would spell it with an "e".

This is why I think I don't have a boyfriend. But I was really faithful to Chris. Too bad everytime he tries to talk to me or see me I blow him off. When he came to school I purposely avoided him. I am not too sure why but I think it was because when I saw him, all I could think was "What a loser. Do I want to associate with him and turn out like that? Still visiting my old highschool when I graduate?". I am going to make a vow right here. Once I graduate highschool, espcially ACDS, I will NEVER go back unless I have to. Ever. No offense, but not even for Elizabeth. But even she's not sure she's going to be there for her senior year, so I guess that takes care of that. Back on subject though, when I saw him, it was kind of like a reality check. I can't believe I was so hung up on someone like that. What was I thinking? I blew him off on AIM last night too, to talk to Trevor. Man, I really am still a bitch.

I need to call Laura. And Casey, and Travis. And I need a new phone.
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