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Life Is Just Unfair

Why is it that my friends can just waltz right in and have some guy hanging all over them in a matter of seconds, and it takes me fucking years?

I fucking hate my life, face, body, personality, and overall just about everything about me.

Not only that, but to add insult to injury, they start talking about what a grand time they'll have together, on a double date, with just the four of them. O:IAUHG F:OIhwd;gflkauwgo8i trk389pydOIUYV OTRL(*p9q3hgrio3yrf.

Thanks for taking my feelings into consideration you guys. Really, you are just awesome and wonderful. Not.
However, I am rather happy that she finally dumped that asshole of a boyfriend she had, but still.

OUIY GDP(*tp34iut vq98aydfp9*TGILJGDR*&FT OU*TY*AS&v 6423ugr TGRIO8y 590pw3ior;yub09z* S
That is about how I feel right now. Fuck this shit.

I can't wait to fucking graduate and never see these people again. There is no way in hell I am ever going to live in this shithole of a town if I can fucking help it.
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